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Snowdrops for the stumpery

This is a quick blog this week. I've been teaching Alternative Dorset Buttons all day, so I'm catching up with the blog while our dinner is cooking. This week's inspiration image was a mossy log and snowdrop scene, taken on a walk around the woods at the back of our house.

I've recreated the log with a bit of green scrap felt, made for a scarf years ago and no longer in use. The snowdrops are made using green silk covered wire from The Scientific Wire Company, and tiny scraps of white cotton fabric stitched into a very tiny tube, then stitched onto the wire. The log was covered in green seed stitches, using shiny cotton first, and then 6 strands of embroidery thread. I attached the snowdrops at this point as well, working the stranded thread over the wire at the base of the flowers and continuing the stitches up and over the log. When I assemble the stumpery I'll add more moss and snowdrops around the log.

The inspiration image for week 9 is below.

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