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Raining Stars Necklace - week four of Jen's inspiration year

This will be a quick blog post today. I'm finishing the next book and my head is full of Dorset button trees. This weeks image was a short video of one of the light instillations from Stouhead's Christmas lights in 2020.

I stood for about half an hour watching it rain stars, completely mesmerised!

I wanted to capture that feeling of falling light, so I spun a black cotton single threaded with clear beads, and a black single from West Yorkshire Spinners Re-treat (roving yarn which spins beautifully). I plied them together, moving the beads into place as I worked. The skein then became a necklace, with black cotton ties pulling sections together. I made 2 beaded buttons which are sewn on the skein. It's a great way to show off my art yarn!

The image for next week is below. Hope you are all enjoying the textile journey, and that you're feeling insired!

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