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Owl brooch

Week three of Jens Inspiration year. The image reminded me of an owl, from the moment I took it, so that's what I created.

This is a simple project to make, and is tiny so doesn't take very long. You just need a few simple supplies and you're good to go. I've added my stages below, which you can follow if you'd like to make your own owl. You'll need a small amount of cotton fabric, cotton wadding the same size as the fabric, pencil or fabric pen, pins, sewing needle, sewing thread, threads for embellishing your owl, safety pin scissors.

Cut a piece of plain fabric the size you want your finished owl x 2, with a little left over. My owl is 9cm tall and 5cm wide, and my fabric was 11cm x 10cm. Fold the fabric in half.

Draw your owl on the folded fabric. Cut around the outside lines with the fabric still folded, so you have two owls, one with markings for the front and a plain owl for the back.

Fold the square of wadding in half. Pin the marked owl to the wadding.

Cut two owl shapes, one front and one back.

Pin a wadding owl and the marked owl front together. Using embroidery stitches create the front of your owl. I used a variagated back stitch and six strands of brown stranded cotton for the wings. I used 8 weight black cotton perle and variagated back stitch for the eyes and nose, and 2 strands of cream in variagated back stitch for the face.

Sandwich the remaining piece of wadding inside the front and back owl pieces. Blanket stitch around the whole shape to fasten the two sides together. I used strong cream sewing cotton for this. Stitch a safety pin to the back of the owl, being careful not to stitch through to the front.

Owl all done!

Week four's image is actually a video, taken at Stourhead Light Show at the end of 2020. I find it messmerising, and I'd love to see what you can make from it.

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