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Church, Daffodils, and Free Machine Embroidery

This week’s inspiration image is the church that overlooks the Fairground Craft Centre, St Michael and All Angels. It was taken this time last year, during lockdown.

St Michaels is a beautiful church with a lovely graveyard, which is covered in wild flowers for a large part of the year. The church has a long history, and the site dates back to the Bronze Age as a place of worship. There’s a great write up on the history on on the link below.

On Sunday I had the chance to have a go at free machine embroidery, taught by Marion Browning, at The Wool Exchange

I had a real blast playing around with my mum’s old Janome New Home sewing machine ( I get on much better with mums than my old machine, which sounded like a machine gun!)

For the inspiration image of the church and daffodils I decided to needle felt a background and then add texture and details with my new found sewing machine skills.

The first problem was the embroidery foot was catching on the felt, probably because the felt I’d created was very thick (note to self, make thinner felt!) I ended up taking the foot off and stitching without; a little scary but I’m brave 😆. Once I’d machine stitched the flint walls, magicked the flowers into daffodils, added the tree, and the daffodil stalks I was exhausted, so the church roof, and a little texture in the grass I added last with hand stitching. I may add graves later, but for now I’m happy. It was only after I’d taken the final photo that I realised the tree was looming over the church in a menacing way 😆. Much like an old god trying to scare away the new (you can’t unsee it now, can you 🤣)

Next week‘s photo is below.

If you’d like to make along with me and be in with the chance of winning a textile crafts pack send me your images on or add your image to the comments below, and I’ll share them next time and enter you into March’s draw.

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