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Blossom Tree Weaving

This week's inspiration image was of a blossom tree, taken in 2019 outside of St Peter's Church in The Clatfords, on a beautiful spring evening before going to my meditation group.

I love the pink and blue contrast of the image, and it's simplicity. I knew I wanted to capture the textures in wool, so spinning an art yarn with the blue of the sky as my core yarn, then adding coils of white for clouds and pink for the blossom was perfect. I hadn't really throught past what I was going to do with the wool once I'd spun it. In the end I decided to use one of the frames I've acquired over the years and weave a small piece using the image as a rough guide. First I wove the sky, using tapestry (weft facing) tecniques, then I added the blossom. I used the last couple of metres of pink wool to add surface stitching to the weaving, extending the branches over the sky.

I'm really happy with the piece, and plan to hang it in my room.

Next week's image is below, for anyone wanting to join in with me.

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