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A Walk in the Woods

This week's inspiration image was taken on a walk through one of my favourite copses, a beautiful stand of beech trees at the back of our house.

The trees are always dramatic and make great photos, and walking through them is a calming yet envigorating experience.

I wanted to get the height of the trees, and retain the simplicity of the image. I had a piece of knitted mohair which wasn’t going to be used for anything, so I dyed it a green and yellow mix. I stretched it over a white canvas and stitched it down, then added woven tree trunks made from Hebridean wool: perfect for woody texture. The trimmings from the weaving made great smaller trees. I’m adding a scattering of loosely made French knots to give the work more texture and depth. I wasn’t happy with the white border so I’ve written a short poem around the edge in acid green watercolour pen.

A walk in the woods

A walk in the woods

With fresh new green leaves

And birdsong winging

Through the soaring trees

I like the abstract feeling with this piece.

Next week’s image is below.

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