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The Ridgeway

This week's inspiration photo was a signpost on the Ridgeway, above the White Horse at Uffington. I wanted to create something simple and fast, partly to meet the week's deadline, and partly because I have the attention span of a fruitfly at the moment. Long term projects are not at all my thing.

This project is mainly stitch with a little applique. Just three stitches in fact. Back stich for the lettering on the sign, split stitch for the ivy vine, and straight stitch for the ivy leaves. I've layer green batique cotton onto ombre blue cotton to create the background of grass and sky. The stitching on the sign and the vines is the only thing holding them together, and the edges trapped in the hoop. The sign is grey cotton, allowed to fray naturally at the edged because I don't like things too precise. I've used white linen thread to stitch the letter, and then added stranded cotton vine and 4ply sock wool leaves over the top. The vines wander over the grass below in a haphazard pattern to give the piece a little movement. The leaves are stitched with a variagated thread, which I find gives depth to my work.

I may add some footprints around the outside of the piece later, and perhaps some variagated back stitched clouds. I'm putting it away for now, and will come back to it later. Gives my mind time to settle and decide where I want to go with it next.

I love the back of most pieces of work, so I'm sharing this too. I find the chaos and pattern that forms without you looking intriguing.

Next week's photo is below. This is a shot of the end of a fallen tree trunk taken last year on a walk around Pewsey. I love the face in the trunk when the photo is turned sideways, and will use that face as my inspiration.

Looking forward to seeing what you all create. Share on Instagram with #jensinspirationyear to be in with a chance of winning some goodies at the end of the month.

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