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The freedom of freeform stitch

I have several projects on the go as usual, but the one I’m enjoying most is adding a freeform embroidery border to a piece of work. The original piece was stitched on a spare scrap of even weave fabric and the edge isn’t big enough to mount.

I’d stitched it because the picture appealed to me (Beside the Sea by Louise Newton, in Love Embroidery issue 11), and didn’t have a plan for it. Once it was made I decided it would make a great box lid, which gave me two problems. First, it needed to be square, and second it needed a decent sized border!

After discussing the issue with a box making friend, I tacked the picture onto some thick cream cotton fabric (fabric from my stash). I’m now filling in the cotton fabric with a variety of threads, stitches, and beads. Its really quite soothing just to feel the thread pulling through the fabric, seeing how the colours compliment each other in unexpected ways. Not having to refer to a pattern or chart takes all the pressure off, as I can’t really do anything wrong.

I have a square drawn on the fabric so I know where I’m working out to. 😊

More next time on how I’ve approached working the freeform!

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