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Sunflower and Dorset button Bee

This week's inspiration image was taken at Kingston Lacy in the autumn.

I love visiting Kingston Lacy, with it's beautiful and peaceful walks, sumptuous kitchen gardens, and magnificent trees.

They also have an extensive art collection, with four of my favourite paintings. Earth, Air, Fire, and Water by Breugal.

I had made a yellow sunflower for Andover Stitchers theme of seeds this month, so I used that rather than make a new one.

The frame is a cog from a car, and the stalk is a rod, possibly from the same car! The wool for the seed head was from my stash, and crocheted into a dome, then stuffed with a bit of old foam. The beads were from spellbound beads, and the ribbon from the range.

The Dorset button bee is a prototype for one going into Natures Buttons next year. I think it'll be the April edition.

The dilemma was turning the yellow petals into dark red. In the end I decided to use fabric pen to colour them, which gave me a lovely textured effect. With more time I would have covered the stalk too, with green fabric wrapped around.

This is the last of my weekly inspiration images. I have a particular image I want to use for December, which I'll post below. I've been spinning embroidery threads for this one and I want time to work on it properly. Next year I'm setting myself a monthly challenge so I can work in more depth. The theme will be micro landscapes! I might even be able to put my Stumpery together 😃. You're welcome to join in if you'd like.

Inspiration Image for December below.

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