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Sundials and buttons

This week is another cheating post really. Or rather I haven't finished it yet. I wanted to make the inspiration image into a button. Anything round usually ends up being a button.

The image came from a walk around the Holy Trinity church at Penton Mewsey in November last year. It's a lovely church, with lots of interesting things to photograph.

The next few weeks are frantically busy. I'm preparing for Hampshire Open Studios the last two weeks in August, and next week we're setting up an exhibition at Purbeck School in Wareham as part of Dorset Arts and Crafts Exhibition, where we'll be demonstrating button mkaing and showcasing a variety of button art. At the same time I'm creating things for new workshops, and most importantly I'm loading content onto my first online, self guided, downloadable Dorset button class!I'm hoping this will be lauching in the next few days. So, instread of making my sundial button, I took a video of me using my newly designed and soon to be available button bobbin from Fleece Loved Products. We've had button bobbins from FLP for about 2 years, ever since they saw my video short of casting around an embroidery ring and they've been designing better and better verions ever since. This one is my favourite so far!

I will at some point finish this button with stitching to look like the markings on the sundial.

Next week's inspiration image is below.

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