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Storm Tree

This week's inspiration image was taken in March 2020, just before lockdown.

I've been driving past these trees for years. They're in Clanville and when my horse Archie was alive I'd go through Clanville to get to Vernham Dean, where I kept him with a friend's horses. I always loved the trees, and the entire vista, but had never gotten around to stopping the car to photograph them. The day I took the photo the sky was so dramatic I knew I had to get a shot. This is one of my favourite photos!

My first thought was to do a felt background and stitch the tree on. Then I got these beautiful mahogany rings made and I could see the tree nestling inside.

I spun the storm grey, and the field green on my mum's Turkish spindle, and cast (blanket stitched) the appropriate colour around the edge. Then I used macramé to create the tree over the top. I had plenty of spare thread so I made a macramé cord necklace with a Dorset button fastening. I love the finished pendant and have been wearing it all day.

This is one I will definitely make more of, with a few tweaks. I'll put them on the website when they're done, along with the mahogany rings so you can try your own.

This week's inspiration image is below

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