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St Ives (again)

This week's inspiration image was taken on the same walk as last week's image, at St Ives after Cornwoolly in 2020. I was 5 minutes away for watching the seals below the cliffs. The whole walk was magical, in part because we knew life was going to be radically different within a week. Just before lockdown!

This piece isn't finished yet. I've used scraps of fabric to creat the shapes, and stranded cotton hand stitched onto the layers to add vegetation, texture in the cliffs, movement in the sea. I want more depth, so more layers of stitching on the cliffs, clouds in the sky, more waves hitting the rocks in the form of French knots, and small rocks jutting into the sea will be added at a later date. This piece has been interesting and a little challenging trying to get a sense of perspective and distance, rather than just a flat appliqué picture. I'm not sure it's there yet, but after more stitch I think it will be.

Next week's image is below.

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