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Scudding Clouds

This week’s inspiration image was taken last year as I left my studio. You can just see the roof of Beaker Button in the bottom left corner.

I have taken so many shots of the patch of sky over Beaker Button, with the trees silhouetted against against the light, that they really deserve their own folder!

I wanted to capture the movement of the clouds in this week’s shot, so a round weaving seemed appropriate, where I could give the impression of them moving around the circle. The sky in this piece was a batt I dyed last year and was waiting for the right project. I spun and then chain plied it so it has a nice textured feel, and the colours aren’t doing that barber pole thing but smoothly changing from one shade of blue to the next. The clouds are stitched using strips of merino top and the trees are stitched in black wool and stranded cotton.

I’m really happy with this piece. It’s very simple but feels like it has depth, movement, and energy.

Next week’s image is below.

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1 Comment

Aug 13, 2022

Beautiful weaving Jen! ❤️

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