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Random from my phone

This is a quick post just sharing a little of my life at the moment. Things are crazy busy. With the arrival of my new glasses I can write again! No more squinting at the laptop like it's heading for the naughty step. I've just purchased a Dryad table weaving loom, which will be taking over my newly cleared sewing corner. The phrase 'I think we're going to need a bigger table' is being bandied around quite a bit. Poor Jude @loominmarvollous on social media, has been tasked with getting numbers into my brain. My brain is allergic to numbers! I'm now diabetic which means I'm now looking after myself much better, on medication, and back under the care of a medical team. Most importantly I no longer have brain fog, so I have no excuse for buggering up the orders! Still allergic to numbers! Drawing lessons are a joy, and a terror at the same time. Kate Bennet is a kind and patient teacher. I'm just a flake!. Photos below in no particular order.

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