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Rainbows and Bargello Quilt

This week I’m cheating with the inspiration image. I have a thing about rainbows.

They always remind me of my mum. After her funeral we came out to the most glorious double rainbow over the crematorium; her way of sending us love. I took this week’s rainbow image last year, outside Beaker Button. The cheating bit is that my inspiration piece is actually the Bargello quilt I learnt to make at New Every Morning Patchwork and Quilting.

The workshop was run by Alison Reid, a very patient and kind teacher.

There were four of us altogether and the other students kindly let me photograph their quilt tops for this blog.

Helen’s sea inspired piece.

Ann’s Christmas themed piece

Louise Wells sand dunes

I rarely use a sewing machine, and this is my second ever quilt. I found the process surprisingly soothing, and will definitely make another. I have enough from the jelly roll I purchased from New Threads Quilt Shop to make a second table runner in some earthy landscape colours. This quilt is nearly done. I’ve got a couple more clouds to add tonight, and some swirly stitching between the clouds, then binding the edge and it’ll be ready to hang from our headboard. Now I just have to work on my fabric stash so it matches my yarn stash!

This week’s inspiration image is below.

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