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Mindful stitching inspiration image

It's been a manic weekend and I'm only just catching up! Teaching button making on Saturday for the Leicester Weavers, Spinners and Dyers guild was great fun, but it was a 5 hour round trip, so no time to write this. Sunday I was walking in the morning (mushrooms ensued obviously)

and had our first drawing lesson with Kate Bennet in the afternoon.

Today was walking in the rain

and a wonderful talk by Alyson Midgelow-Marsdon at Andover Stitchers this evening.

I barely had time for a nap! Anyway, this week's inspiration image is of a small section of a lampshade I took at The Bell Hotel in Thetford last year, while away on a jolly with hubby for his birthday.

I printed out a paper copy of the photo then traced the image onto white cotton using my light box.

Gone are the days of achy arms while holding work up to the window! I used my favourite cotton perle 8 colourway and backstitch to cover the lines, and I intend to fill some of the spaces with turquoise sequins at some point. It's incredibly soothing, although surprisingly noisy, to stitch this project. There's a reel @beakerbutton if you'd like to hear!

The colour changes keep me interested and its unusual for me to be working so neatly. I'm nowhere near finished with this but it's become my travelling project, and it will probably end up being a book cover at some point.

Next week's inspiration image is below.

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