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Making a begonia, apparently!

This week’s inspiration image is a shot of leafy coleus taken at Kingston Lacy last year.

I love the colours and texture of the leaves, so I decided to make a plant.

The leaves were stitched using a scrap piece of green cotton, folded in half with a piece of interfacing in between to give it stiffness. I used cotton perle and back stitch to work veins on the leaves, making a channel with the main vein for wire to be inserted. I used a thicker cotton perle and satin stitch to create the contrast colour around the leaf edge, and to seal the raw edges of the fabric.

Then I cut each leaf out of the fabric, staying as close to the stitching as possible.

I inserted a green wire into each leaf.

Then wrapped the wires together at the base, and placed them in a felted bowl with grey/brown sheep fleece holding the leaves still.

I will add more leaves as they’re fun to make, and I feel like my plant needs a few more. I then asked my plant app, Candide to identify my fabric plant and the result came back as begonia! 🤣

Next week’s inspiration image is below.

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