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Little felted graveyard

This week’s inspiration image is a shot of the graveyard at St Martins at Martinstown in Dorset.

It’s a fairly regular walk for us, as it’s very close to Martins Down Nature Reserve, and we can meet up with my Dad there. It’s about halfway between us. Lots of history, from Bronze Age barrows, to modern army rifle ranges and everything in between.

I’m very short on spare time this month, preparing for Hampshire Open Studios, setting up and manning the 400 years of Dorset buttons at the Dorset Arts and Crafts exhibition this weekend, and teaching two outside classes, the first of which was today. I’m also working hard getting all my workshops online as self guided workshops, the first of which, Multiple Style Dorset Buttons went live on Wednesday! I decided that felt and stitch was the best way to interpret this image. Just taking the main elements of the image and producing a simple piece. The tree is stitched in native breed wool, and the rest is needle felted merino on a scrap of green prefelt I made years ago. I think this will become a card. I took two photos of the finished piece. One last night under the electric light,

and the other this morning in natural daylight.

I love the contrast and the difference in mood. I’m not sure which one I prefer 😁

Next week’s image is below

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