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Islamic Art at the V&A

This week’s (well last week’s really but whose counting, especially as there were puffins) inspiration image was taken by me at the Victoria and Albert Museum last year. It’s an Islamic tile circa 1444.

I’ve always found Islamic tiles fascinating, and beautiful. This is my first try and using them for inspiration.

I traced off the lines from a photo, and then using my French doors as a light box (which I don’t recommend because it makes your arms ache; guess what my next purchase is going to be!) I traced the lines into light stone grey cotton.

I used stranded cotton in varying thicknesses to work over the lines in a mix of satin and straight stitch, then added French knots for the burgund flower centres.

This is going to be a book cover when it grows up.

Back view (I’m always intrigued by the back view)

Below is this week’s inspiration image and I’m going to try and get it finished by Saturday!

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2 comentarios

08 may 2022

I used the central part of the design as inspiration for this - hopefully it comes through!

Me gusta
08 may 2022
Contestando a

Beautiful 😍

Me gusta
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