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Dorset Button Workshops at Beaker Button

This post talks about learning Dorset Buttons at Beaker Button. I’m a confirmed buttonaholic, and I love infecting others with the joy of button making. Most of my other craft projects end up with Dorset buttons in them somewhere. It’s amazing what you can do with the humble button!

Crosswheel buttons are the easiest button to start with. In this short taster workshop you will learn to make one. We’ll cover materials, uses, and attaching them to a project.

Multiple style buttons is a great way to spend the day. You’ll learn several Dorset button styles, and how to change colours, in addition to the skills learnt in the crosswheel taster. You’ll get to play with different threads as well.

Posy brooches takes inspiration from button brooches created during the 30’s and 40’s. You’ll cover different ways of making beautiful buttons in a flower posy style, including embellishing your work with simple embroidery or beading.

Beaded buttons is a great way of exploring how beads can be used to make your Dorset buttons really shine! We’ll cover different ways of attaching beads, designing patterns, and use a variety of materials for spectacular effect.

Dorset button bracelet teaches you several styles of Dorset button, and how to stitch them together to create a unique piece of jewellery. You can take home enough materials to create a necklace instead, if a bracelet isn’t your thing.

Alternative Dorset Buttons, for those who want to expand their button making skills. This day class covers the less well known buttons, like Dorset knobs, singletons, and birds eye buttons.

Dorset button hoop art workshops can take place in a day, or over several sessions with homework in between. Make a large Dorset button style wall hanging based on our popular booklets, or design your own hoop art button with guidance from me.

Many students mix their workshop up and cover different Dorset button types in a one day class. The most popular is a selection of styles in the morning, followed by a posy brooch or beaded button after lunch. That way they get a mix of skills in one go. We’ll cover a little history if you’re interested as well.

Our Dorset button workshops are all aimed at beginners. If you’ve never made a Dorset button before we’ll make a crosswheel to get you started. Button making is such a soothing and therapeutic craft, and useful for so many things. It’s the perfect portable project too.

All the button workshops above can be tailored to groups, and I teach all sorts of groups up and down the country.

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