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Crochet sky

This week's inspiration image is another sky shot over the Fairground Craft Centre.

The sky is always interesting at this time of year, when I come out of my shop at the end of the day. I sometimes get lost just staring up at it.

I wanted to do something different for this piece. I had the winter sky set of fibre from the last fluff club; lotus, pineapple, rose, and mint. I spun a single ply yarn from each one, and made the crochet square up as I went along.

It took me a while to work out how to join it to the frame, but I got their eventually using join as you go techniques. The tiny Dorset button is just placed at the moment but I'll stitch it on once I've got all the squares done.

I've already started on my next square as I have lots of the yarn left. Each square will be different. I'm thinking wall hanging of squares and diamonds which I'll display handing, possibly from the shop door!

Next week's image is below.

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