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Covid and spinning with wire and fibre

Covid has really taken it out of me, hence the delay in this post (among many other things!) Last week’s image was a stump from Ickworth House Stumpery. The link takes you to the NT Facebook page and a video tour of the Stumpery. Well worth a look.

I had previously core plied fibre around wire with the intention of working it into a stump for my textile Stumpery. When I tried to skein it however, it sprang into its own kind of tree stump shape.

My plan for this week was to add some greenery, and spin another stump, but what with covid and feeling like being hit by a truck carrying elephants, that obviously didn’t happen! I’m feeling a little better, and hoping to go back to work on reduced hours on Friday (finally testing negative) so I thought I’d share my stump for this week, and I’ll let you see the greenery once it’s done.

Next week’s inspiration image is below.

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