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Californian poppy quilt (nearly!)

This week's inspiration image is a patch of Californian poppies that come up every year near my dad's house on Portland.

I love the colours, and how the green of the leaves contrasts with the yellow orange flowers and the red brown fence. These are not my normal colour choices, what with being a blue green purple girl, but their vibrancy appeals to me.

I wanted to try and make my own quilt block, something I've never done before, but I friends that quilt so I figured I'd be fine. They make it look so easy!

My design seemed sound, but my technique leaves a lot to be desired! This project taught me quite a bit about how not to do patchwork.

This block will be a book cover once I've finished the embroidery I'm using to do the quilting.

I'm going to have lessons with the fabulous Maggie Forbes and learn to do it properly. I'm also going to redesign the block so the curve of the petal is a straight sided diamond!

Next week's image is below.

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