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Avebury Stitched with Hand Spun Embroidery Thread

This week’s inspiration image is a moody shot of a section of Avebury stone circle taken last year.

I’ve always loved Avebury. Many of our family Sunday walks took place here when I was a child. The whole area always feels steeped in magic to me. I’ve just begun working with one of my mum’s Turkish spindles, to create embroidery thread. It’s a great process, involving tiny amounts of mainly merino fibre, and about half an hour to two hours of gentle spinning. It’s easy to get blends of colour, or slubby texture in the thread, and you only need to make small amounts. I love the way I can spin exactly the right colour thread, and then use it all up in its designated project.

It stitched beautifully, gliding through the pressed wool felt I used as a base. Once I’d finished stitching I found wet blocking my work very satisfying. All the lumps and puckered areas flattened out completely, leaving a smooth piece of work. I’m thinking about framing this one!

Next week’s image is below. I may be a little late posting this one as I’m away for the weekend teaching spinning. If I managed to get it done early I’ll post it early.

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