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Art in the Barn Exhibitor number 3

Introducing our next artist at Art in the Barn from 23rd November. This is the wonderful weaver and textile artist Sue Bates

I was brought up in Essex learning to sew clothes for my dolls and knitting and crochet later. Since then crafts have grown up with me.

Junior School offered art and pottery, great fun, then High School gave me art, sewing and weaving.

Marriage and children slowed me up a bit but when the girls went to school things changed again.

I found bobbin lace while working at a friend's wool and haberdashery shop when the wonderful lace maker and teacher Ann Day was advertising her classes very close to my home. That introduced me to Needle Lace too. So many friends of like minds have been found along this road.

Selling clothes from home introduced me to a creative embroidery teacher whose classes were a joy. Lesley Taylor has helped many of us along this route. On one class outing she took us to Windsor college and we found ourselves signing up for a City & Guilds course of Creative Embroidery. Very busy time.

Meanwhile spinning and beading had come into my life and I had to get a wheel and some beads with more lessons.

Classes with, then helping Fay Maxwell, led us to sailing the world for some years teaching creative embroidery “her style”. More friends and never to be forgotten experiences.

W e moved to Ludgershall and I joined the Embroiders Guild. Their evenong meetings got hard for me so I had to leave. Luckily I found the Hampshire Guild of Spinners Weavers and Dyers which is still thoroughly enjoyable. One of their exhibitions gave me the opportunity to enter a bobbin lace wall hanging made from hand spun wool. The Lace Guild saw it and bought it for their collection.

At the FairGround, I became friends with Julie Ross who did the crafts I enjoy. She moved to better premises but I still went to her craft days.

Jen Best arrived at the FairGround as Beaker Button 10 years ago and it was a natural place to go for craft interests. She has been a great supporter in all I do. I applaud all she does.

I have recently joined Andover Stitchers and hope to continue to enjoy all I do.

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