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Art in the Barn artist Maggie Forbes

Not long now until Art in the Barn (23rd - 27th November) and today I’m sharing @just.fab.maggie and her wonderful textiles! I’ve put her words below, taken from the first slide.

Well I have finally got round to writing this little bit about me. There I am stood in front of the mural in my hallway done during the first lockdown. My first love is textiles. Generally if it doesn’t move fast enough in my house I will sew it. My base is dressmaking and my first job was alterations assistant in the fashion workroom in John Lewis Southampton. My specialty was bridal wear and I have made many wedding dresses. I now do a lot of creative textiles. I have loved making altar frontals for churches in Tidworth.

Very much self taught I love upholstery and had a great time over lockdown taking apart a vintage chair and reupholstering it. Basically I love having a go at most things but I am a specialist in most things textiles.

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