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Adding texture, and not always liking what you make

This weeks photo was a log pile with a backdrop of fir trees and blue sky.

I knew I wanted to use Dorset buttons to make the log pile, and needle felted the backdrop seemed like the best plan. However, once I'd stared putting things together, I realised that I didn't like what I was making. There wasn't enough interest in the work. I needed to add some texture. I added washers, buttons and stitching to the log pile and this seemed to work better.

The contrast of surfaces, and the shiny copper washers (I'm a sucker for shiny!) made the log pile more interesting. I'm still not sure that I like the work, and I still need to add stitching to define the fir trees and sky, and more logs to be added, but this project taught me to add texture, and to persevere even if you don't like the first results.

Next weeks photo is below. Don't forget to tag @jenbesttextileart and #jensinspirationyear on Facebook and Instragram if you're making something from one of my inspiration images, for a chance to win prizes in February's draw.

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