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A walk to Bury Hill

Monday is normally my day off, and if my hubby is off as well we try and do something together. This usually involves breakfast of some sort, and then a walk. This Monday we parked at Rooksbury Mill nature reserve (one of my favourite places) and walked through Upper Clatford to Bury Hill (4 miles there and back).

If you’ve never been to Bury Hill it’s worth a trip. The footpath runs along the top of the bank and ditch, and although heavily wooded you can see how impressive parts of the bank and ditch are.

The site was an Iron Age hill fort but the archaeological evidence points to it being in use well into the Roman era. There is also a story that Cnut the Great, who ruled England from 1016, made camp here while fighting Edmund Ironside for the English crown.

The views are beautiful! The sky was stunning! There’s a quiet peace about the site too.

Spring flowers coming out, may blossom on the trees, and a riot of birdsong.

I even got to see my first bluebells of the year, and white ones too!

Wonderful place to walk.

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